Christian Church leaders call Sun Myung Moon the “Devil and Anti-Christ”

The Solomon Times reports that Christian Church leaders have called for a boycott of the Global Peace Festival to be held in Honiara this Saturday, November 29, 2008, because it is the work of Sun Myung Moon, describing him as the “Devil and the Anti-Christ, the end time figure spoken of in the Book of Revelation.”

From the Solomon Times:

Some Church leaders directly appealed to their congregations during church services in Honiara not to attend the Global Peace Festival, and any other Moon related activities, in Honiara or any other parts of country.

Church leaders have told their congregations that Rev. Sun Myung Moon had undermined “the finished work of Christ on the Cross and what Moon is doing is the work of the Devil and the Anti-Christ.”

The church leaders made the call from their pulpits during church services on Sunday after an informal meeting was held by leaders and representatives of church and Christian ministries over the weekend. They are planning to hold another meeting yesterday, the details of the outcome are not yet known.

In an interview with the Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) General Secretary Reverend Philemon Riti, he told the National Express that SICA has no part in the Global Peace Festival and describes Reverend Moon as “deceiving and misleading our people.”

Meanwhile, during subsequent interviews with the National Express over the weekend, representatives from different churches, Christian ministries and organizations are unanimous in their call for a boycott of the Global Peace Festival and their description of Reverend Moon as the “Devil and the Anti-Christ, the end time figure spoken off (sic) in the Book of Revelation.”

The Solomon Times with reporting from the National Express went on to report one church leader’s remarks who said Moon was making a mockery of marriage and that:

Mr. and Mrs. Moon have been using words and ideas that are familiar, attractive including their constant talking about family; “but it is not God’[s] family that Mr. and Mrs. Moon are talking about, it is all about unity under the leadership of Reverend Moon.”

“The only truth comes from the word of God and the Bible which says that Jesus alone is the way the truth and the life no one goes to the Father except through Him, and that alone is one of the fundamental principles of the Christian Faith.

“St Paul already gave us a warning; ‘Be on your Guard’ when I have gone, for fierce wolves will come among you they will cover themselves as sheep, even from your own group,” the Church leader said.

On November 19, 2008 the News Today from the Philippines reported that “religious sectors particularly the Catholic Church” in the Philippine province of Capiz have declared the “Global Peace Festival” held there to be “anti-Christ.” The Governor of Capiz, Victor Tanco, Sr., has stated that his promotion of the festival is for the purpose of bolstering tourism in the area and not to promote “religion.”

Maybe Governor Tanco and the church leaders are both right.

From the online edition of the News Today from the Philippines:

Capiz guv: Global Peace Festival promotes tourism not religion

ROXAS CITY – Capiz Governor Victor Tanco, Sr., clarified that the provincial government is not promoting religion by hosting the Global Peace Festival rather the activity will boost the tourism industry of the province and the city. “We are not promoting religion here but tourism especially our place which is sleeping in terms of tourism,” Tanco said. […]

Earlier, religious sectors particularly the Catholic Church withdrawn (sic) their support to the said festival and announced that it is anti-Christ.

However, organizers denied they are anti-Christ saying that they are bringing people to “One Family under God” regardless of whatever religion they have.

Religious schools such as: Filamer Christian College, Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion, St. Mary’s Academy, St. Anthony College Hospital, St. John College, Hercor College reportedly withdrawn(sic) their support in yesterday’s grand parade.

The Global Peace Festivals have been taking place around the world and are organized by Sun Myung Moon’s world wide political machine, the Universal Peace Federation(UPF). Moon claims to be the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent here to save God’s creation for Him by fulfilling Jesus Christ’s failed mission. Moon said in the 70s: “The present U.N. must be annihilated by our power.” He also told his followers that they “must make a new U.N.” Moon created the UPF when his long sought plans to have the actual United Nations add a separate and superior theocratic body to the UN structure hit a snag.

Moon stated in 1995 that:

In the near future, religion will play a major role in the United Nations.[…]

There should be a political United Nations which represents man’s body, and a religious United Nations which represents man’s mind.[…]

Once the United Nations connects with society, then all United Nations countries will connect to God’s world. […]

If the United Nations and the United States unite into one, the world unification will come about quickly. Otherwise it will be very difficult.[…]

Even the Secretary General of the United Nations should come from the religious world leadership. Because the Mind side of religion should lead the Body side of politics. Once we establish a foundation within the United Nations, the restoration of the U.N. means the restoration of the entire world. This will be easier and quicker and easier than restoring one nation such as Japan or America. Because the United Nations doesn’t have a root. It is still floating so to speak. It is just a matter of grabbing hold of it.

[Sun Myung Moon - “We Have To Restore The Original Seed” - December 10, 1995 - Belvedere International Training Center]

By early 2004 Moon realized his plan would be “very difficult” and take too long. He found that the UN would have to make changes to its charter to accommodate his vision even if it wanted to do as he wished. The UPF continues to promote “interreligious” or “interfaith” efforts at the UN but has also gone out on its own. The UPF was inaugurated in September of 2005 to be the “Abel” United Nations representing Moon’s vision. Jose De Venecia, a current member and former Speaker House of the Philippine congress, is a very strong promoter of Moon’s plans. Richard Bartholomew reports on some recent developments regarding De Venecia’s efforts for Moon here.

Following the launch of the UPF in 2005, Moon and his co-messiah wife, Hak Ja Han, set out on a world tour to promote Moon’s latest effort to gain influence over the direction of world events and mesh the world’s religions. The promotional stop held in the Philippines was attended by Neil Bush, son of the former president of the United States, George H.W. Bush. Shortly after, “Family Times,” a Moon organization internet publication, posted that Neil Bush’s “mere presence drew a lot of attention from our local politicians.”

In 1978, the final report of an investigation by the U.S congress into Korean influence on the U.S political system stated in its findings that:

The [Unification Church] and numerous other religious and secular organizations headed by Sun Myung Moon constitute essentially one international organization. This organization depends heavily upon the interchangeability of its components and upon its ability to move personnel and financial assets freely across international boundaries and between businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The Moon Organization attempts to achieve goals outlined by Sun Myung Moon, who has substantial control over the economic, political, and spiritual activities undertaken by the organization in pursuit of those goals.

Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which would be governed by Moon and his followers.

In pursuit of this and other goals, the Moon Organization has attempted, with varying degrees of success, to gain control over or establish business and other secular institutions in the United States and elsewhere, and has engaged in political activities in the United States. Some of these activities were undertaken to benefit the ROK[Republic of Korea] Government or otherwise to influence U.S. foreign policy.

An extensive excerpt of the congressional investigation can be found here.

Moon wants the world run under the religious meshed together doing “God’s will” as he sees it. “Godism,” as he calls it, is to replace all forms of government. A backer of fascist dictators in South America, Moon is often praised for being “anti-communist.” However it is not often mentioned that he sees democracy as failed also.

From the congressional investigation:

Anti-communism is one key reason for Moon’s espousal of a worldwide theocracy and rejection of some of the most fundamental tenets of American democracy. Moon finds “American-style democracy” to be “a good nursery for the growth of Communism.”

The UPF is intended to bring Moon’s “messianic” vision into being.

Michael Jenkins, the president of the Unification Church, now often referred to as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification(FFWPU) in the USA, has called the UPF “the central dispensation of God.”

Thomas Walsh, the Secretary General of the UPF, introduced Moon before the Unification leader’s address celebrating the first anniversary of the UPF. The event was held in the massive temple Moon constructed in South Korea. The “Original Palace” or “Peace Palace,” as the Moon organization now refers to it, was described by Moon’s medium, Dae Mo Nim, as the place “where God and True Parents can work together […].” (“True Parents” refers to Moon and his co-messiah wife.)

Here Moon’s medium explains further the reason for the palace, a place for Moon and God to stand side by side and commute back and forth from the spiritworld:

Original Palace for the Attendance of True Parents

When True Parents are enthroned as the king of kings at the Original Palace, they will then be able to stand together with God. … Once the Original Palace is built, God and True Parents will be able to go from the spirit world to the physical world, and vice versa, every day. [“Original Palace for the Attendance of True Parents” from Dae Mo Nim's address on 2/8/2004, the 631st 2-day Workshop]

Prior to the inauguration of the palace which took place on June 13, 2006, Michael Jenkins told the FFWPU this about its purpose:

Soon, in June, True Parents will enter the Original Palace. We sincerely thank our brothers and sisters for the incredible outpouring of donations and support for this holy sanctuary which will be an international meeting hall for all leaders from now on. True Parents will have the headquarters of the Universal Peace Federation, the headquarters of the Heavenly Kingdom or Peace Kingdom will be in there, in Chung Pyung Lake, at the Original Palace. This will also be an international sanctuary, international meeting place and True Parents are going to move into this Original Palace and work from there to guide the world providence. [Michael Jenkins – President of the FFWPU in the USA - April 4, 2006]

Though Moon stays there and has his brain trust meet with him there, to this date the UPF still lists New York as the location of its headquarters

Introducing Moon for his UPF 1st anniversary address at the palace, Walsh told the audience that they were “now having [their] direct encounter with God and our True Parents.” Walsh added that in the UPF what they were witnessing was not “just some organization but truly the organization that our True Parents are using as their instrument to build God’s heavenly kingdom…”

As part of the multi-day festival gatherings the Moon organization has “service” projects where they bring in Moon’s young followers to work side by side with the locals on clean up projects. This helps in promoting Moon through the acceptance of his organization, his goals and ideology which is another way of saying his “messianic” mission.

Before leaving the Moon organization, Allen Tate Wood was a key leader of the Moon operation during its formative years in the USA. Among other duties, Wood headed Moon’s political arm, the Freedom Leadership Foundation. Here in an excerpt from the congressional investigation’s report in which Wood describes how Moon uses service.

Wood described Moon’s technique for achieving political control and influence:

“You make yourself available to serve, and you serve that man with whatever it is. You carry out his orders. You carry out his directives until he trusts you absolutely, whether it is political work, economic work, or social work. Then finally when your services have become indispensable, then you begin to dictate policy. If he deviates from the policy you have set, you withdraw your support, and he is powerless. So he has no choice but to follow you. Basically, it is ‘I am going to serve you to death,’ approach.” Link

Also as part of the festival programs they have International Leadership Conferences which are designed to introduce the UPF’s Education curriculum.

Moon does claim to be the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent. He sees himself as the greatest being ever to have walked the face of the earth and as such believes he speaks for God. He believes no one knows God’s will as he does. He claims to be creating the foundation for the “Kingdom of God.” In the anniversary speech he referred to it as the “Kingdom of the Universal Peace Federation.”

Cheon Il Guk” is how Moon’s movement refers to the unification of the world, Moon’s messianic goal which the UPF is to bring to fruition. In 2004 Moon declared a book of his speeches called The Cheon Seong Gyeong to be the “Word of God for Cheon Il Guk.”

The Catholic Church appears to be on solid ground in declaring the festivals to be “anti-Christ.” Though Moon gives credit to Jesus for “spiritual” salvation he also teaches that Jesus was a failure thus creating the need for Moon to save God’s creation for Him.

Moon’s daughter-in-law wrote that Moon had to marry Jesus to a living Korean woman to allow Him into heaven.

In 1984, Moon arranged a strange ceremony in which he married his dead son’s spirit to Hoon Sook Pak, the daughter of longtime Moon lieutenant Bo Hi Pak, then the publisher of The Washington Times. Moon’s theology required the wedding because he believed only married individuals could enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Even Jesus needed Rev. Moon’s help in this way. “In what must stand as his ultimate act of arrogance, Sun Myung Moon actually had matched Jesus to an elderly Korean woman,” Nansook Hong wrote. “Jesus himself needed the intervention of the Reverend Moon to move through those gates” of heaven. [Moon’s Dark Shadow – Robert Parry’s review of Nansook Hong’s book, “In the Shadow of the Moons” - 1998]

Video of news reports and a 60 Minutes on Nansook’s ordeal with Moon’s now deceased son, Hyo Jin, can be found here.

Here Moon mocks Christ before God as he tells God that He can “trust” him that he wouldn’t be like Jesus.

I told God that He could trust me, that I was different from Jesus. I said I would never, never pray as Jesus did in Gethsemane, “Father, let this cup pass from me.” If I had to die in the position of servant of servants still I would not complain or feel sorry. I would be most happy to die on the path I was supposed to go. [Sun Myung Moon - Abels' Right Path From The Providential Point Of View - December 30, 1979 – Belvedere]

Moon claims that Jesus now serves his dead son, Heung Jin, in heaven.

Is Jesus in the position of the first son in the spirit world? He does not have the heartistic bond with True Parents that the True Children do. Therefore, Heung Jin takes the position of first son in the spirit world. It is correct that Heung Jin is called Lord there. He went there instead of Parents, which means that the birthright is restored in the spirit world. That is why Jesus must serve him absolutely. (Sun Myung Moon - 1987-12-4. Hannam-dong House - The Tribal Messiah - Sermon 2 - Establishment of The Birthright]

Moon also does not believe that Christ was God as most Christians do based on several Biblical passages. In fact, Moon believes that he is God incarnate:

I have come to earth in the capacity of the True Parent, to save humanity from sin. Although I will speak only briefly, I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you a message sent to us from God. My speech is entitled, “True Parents Are the Incarnation of God.”[…]

God is utilizing my physical body, the body of the True Parent and is carrying out His works through me as the incarnate True Parent. [Sun Myung Moon - WCSF Congratulatory Banquet - True Parents Are the Incarnation of God - August 1, 2005 - Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea]

Still, Governor Tanco may be right about not supporting “religion” though it is doubtful he knows why. In Moon’s vision there is to be no religion since all the world’s religions are destined to be meshed together, absorbed by his movement.

Here is an excerpt from the 70s congressional investigation describing some of Allen Tate Wood’s testimony in which he contends that the Unification Church is not a church but a political organization:

Some observers, however, see goals in the Moon Organization’s activities which are clearly political, including those carried on by the Unification Church. Allen Tate Wood, testified that in his view the UC was not a church at all: “It is my contention that it is certainly not a church. It is certainly a political organization which clearly has partisan objectives.”

Another ex-member said that her experience in the church led her to believe that Moon intended to make UC members into “a little political army.” [Fraser Report Oct. 1978]

Here is an excerpt from Robert Boettcher’s book, “Gifts of Deceit.” Boettcher was the staff director for the congressional investigative committee. He notes, as the committee found, that Moon did not add “church” to the name of his organization until he saw the need to take advantage the US laws. Please note that the title of “Reverend” was stripped from Moon by the Presbyterian Church years before.

Quoting Boettcher:

Not a religion:

The non-Moon world, being of Satan, lives under the laws of Cain. Constantly, they get in Moon’s way. One law however is very useful. It makes it possible to try to get around all the others. The First Amendment to the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. As long as Moon says everything the cult does is religious, he can claim the protection of the First Amendment.

The advantages of using the first Amendment were seen early. Before Moon moved to the United States in 1971, he and his small band of followers realized the operation would have the most flexibility if it was called a church. Businesses, political activities, and tax exempt status could be protected. Moon was dubbed “Reverend” in 1969. In 1970 the name “United Family” was changed to “Unification Church.” Organization and goals stayed the same. Only the name was changed, for its “effect on the institutions of society.” A cult publication explained, “The name implies respectability and stability.”

Since Moon’s invasion of America began, he has marched steadily behind the First Amendment shield. Calling himself “Reverend” and his operation a church early enough, Moon put the burden of proof on the non-Moon world. His beliefs are fully protected by the First Amendment. He insists his actions are, too. His beliefs cover everything. No matter what the cult does, therefore, it is claimed to be an exercise of religious belief.

In the non-Moon world, [Congressman]Fraser conducts an investigation. He wants to find out if the Moon organization’s political and business activities are part of the Korean influence campaign. At first, he has only allegations that the Moonies acted as unregistered agents of a foreign intelligence service, the KCIA. The Moonies can believe in God as they choose, but they ought not violate the law in the process, he thinks. He is amazed at what he finds: evidence that the Moon organization has violated laws on banking, immigration, taxes, currency control, charity fraud, arms export control, and foreign agents registration.

To the moonies, everything Fraser did from start to finish violated their freedom of religion. Since they claim everything they do is religious, Fraser had no right to question what they do. The cult’s published comment on the Fraser Report says it well: “Its objections to the activities of the followers of Rev. Moon are fundamentally objections to their religious beliefs.”

Moon apparently thinks his “religious beliefs” are special license to break laws. The new Messiah is above the laws of Cain. Whatever contempt Moon has for the laws of the United States, he sees fit to hide behind the First Amendment to the Constitution. [Robert B. Boettcher - Gifts of Deceit - Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park and the Korean Scandal. (1980)]

Moon himself has declared the end of religion; for he sees a world where all the world’s religions are united under his ideology, thus there is no need for it.

We should eliminate all the different religions so that humanity can become one family. [Sun Myung Moon - Arrival at East Garden - October 8, 2001 - East Garden, New York - Unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks]

In 2004 Moon said that all denominations are to become one.

We must make all denominations into one. Do you want to follow me or stay in your own denomination? [..]Who emphasized the separation of Church and State? It is not correct and true. How will we bring the Peace Kingdom? It will be through the blessing of the family. There is no religion in the Peace Kingdom. We go beyond religion into the Kingdom of God. […]I am a king in the Media world. With the Washington Time and UPI I can expose the crimes of any people. One nation under God. One universe under God must be proclaimed. [Sun Myung Moon - Upon The Return Of The ACLC Clergy From The Fifth Pilgrimage To The Holy Land - April 7, 2004 - Hoon Dok Hae - East Garden]

“One Family under God” is the battle cry of the UPF and the Global Peace Festivals. Moon’s son, Hyun Jin “Preston” Moon, often repeats this when speaking to the festival gatherings and elsewhere.

This is how former Moon follower, Steve Kemperman, described the “family” in his 1980 book:

Father [Moon] was always clear about God’s ultimate goal of restoration - that one day all nations of the world would follow him and realize a one-world family under God - global theocracy guided by heaven through God’s perfect son, Sun Myung Moon. [...]

The Sunday before the [Yankee Stadium] rally, Father strutted back and forth across the outdoor stage at the Belvedere estate. The Sun Myung Moon who addressed a strict family audience was shockingly different from the one I encountered at the Day of Hope talk in Berkeley. Amongst his followers he did not conceal his desire to influence and control world affairs. [Lord of the Second Advent – a rare look inside the terrifying world of the Moonies – Steve Kemperman – 1980 Regal Books - pgs 108 and 138]

In her 1998 book, Nansook Hong described the Moon organization’s goal thusly while writing about Moon’s tax fraud conviction in the USA:

There was no question inside the church that the Reverend Moon used his religious tax exemption as a tool for financial gain in the business world. […]

No matter what the lawyers said in court, no one internally disputed that the Reverend Moon commingled church and business funds. No one had any problem with it. How often had I heard church advisers discuss funneling church funds into his business enterprises and political causes because his religious, business, and political goals are the same: world dominance for the Unification Church. It was U.S. tax laws that were wrong, not Sun Myung Moon. Man’s law was secondary to the Messiah’s mission.

The Reverend Moon’s philosophy sounded benign enough: “The world is fast becoming one global village. The survival and prosperity of all are dependent on a spirit of cooperation. The human race must recognize itself as one family of man.” What his civil libertarian allies outside the Unification Church failed to realize was that Sun Myung Moon, and only Sun Myung Moon, was the head of that family. ["In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family"/Little Brown & Company, 1998 - By Nansook Hong]

Many religious leaders and politicians lend there names to Moon today. Surprisingly, even though Moon has spent billions of dollars promoting and propping up right wing and theocratic politics in America as part of his world vision, even liberal politicians are known to lend their names to his effort. Taking into account the closeness of the US elections in 2000 and 2004, it is doubtful a person like George W. Bush would have been in the White House the last 8 years absent Moon’s billions spent over the last few decades influencing the nation’s direction. Moon tipped the balance to a fragile democracy.

The Bush family has been especially helpful to the Moon cause.

Though it received scant coverage, on August 9, 2008 a Global Peace Festival was held in Washington D.C.. A small crowd attended but the Moon organization made many contacts during the event. They expect these festivals to grow over the next few years.

One of the partners gathered to help put on the Washington Festival was the Points of Light Foundation formerly know as the “1000 Points of Light Foundation” which was inspired by George H. W. Bush, the former president. Moon donated a million dollars to Points of Light Foundation. Larry Zilliox’s report on this can be found here.

Both the senior Bush and son Neil have promoted Moon’s messianic vision.
Neil appeared for the UPF during Moon’s inaugural UPF promotional tour in 2005 and on behalf of the organization in Paraguay as part of the UPF’s “International Leadership Conference” in February 2008.

Photos of Neil Bush with UPF leaders in Paraguay via Getty Images can be found here and here.

The former president, Bush 41, has been a regular supporter of Moon’s mission for years, promoting Moon’s ambitions on three continents. In November of 1996 Reuters reported on Bush’s aid to the Moon cause:

The former U.S. president, guest speaker at a banquet Saturday to launch Moon’s new publication “Tiempos del Politics Mundo” (Times of the World), was full of praise for the controversial evangelist’s best-known newspaper, the Washington Times, and referred to Moon as “the man with the vision.” Bush then traveled with Moon to neighboring Uruguay Sunday to help him inaugurate a seminary in the capital Montevideo to train 4,200 young Japanese women to spread the word of his Church of Unification across Latin America.

In the mid-nineties the Japanese courts were finding the Unification Church responsible for swindling vast sums from its citizens, targeting widows with their scams. In 1994 the Fukuoka District Court found the “Unification Church” legally liable. Appeals have failed.

You can read how the swindles worked here.

The website of the lawyer’s association fighting these scams can be found here.

They have posted a chart of the claims through 2007 which totals 102,447,200,425 yen (over 900 million US dollars based on a conversion date of Dec. 31, 2007) and the association says the figures represent less than one tenth of the damages to the normally non-litigious Japanese. Find the chart here.

Though the swindling is undoubtedly not the only source of Moon’s cash, the Washington Post reported in 1997:

The long-standing explanation: It is Japan, not Korea, that provides the bulk of the church’s wealth — as much as 70 percent, church observers estimate. A former high-ranking Japanese church member told The Post in 1984 that $800 million had come from Japan into the United States in the previous nine years. [link]

In April of 2008 the Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun reported that the Unification Church reached an out-of-court settlement with one 70 year old widow in the amount of 260 million yen (2.3 Million USD). [Link]

In 1995, during the time when the Japanese courts were making their rulings and the Unification Church was receiving bad press, Bush 41 and his wife toured six cities in Japan and spoke on behalf of Moon’s organization. He introduced Mrs. Moon along the way including one event held in the Tokyodome before a crowd of 50,000. Sun Myung Moon was not in attendance for he is not allowed into Japan due to his tax fraud conviction in the USA. Bo Hi Pak, the first president of the Washington Times and formerly Moon’s top aid, wrote about the tour in his book, The Truth is My Sword Vol. II:

Last fall Father organized Mother’s tour of Japan accompanied by Barbara and George Bush. Can you imagine a U.S. president, whether an incumbent or a former president, doing anything in a secondary position? They are always number one. A U.S. president is always number one. But this time who was number one? Mother was number one. Their respect for Mother and Father was incredible. […]

The citizens of Hokkaido bowed down to Father and Mother, because Father and Mother brought an American president to Hokkaido, the northern island. […]The people of Kyushu were flabbergasted at Father and Mother’s power to tell a U.S. president what to do and plan his schedule. Incredible. This completely changed the attitude of the Japanese government and media toward the Unification community. [Truth is My Sword, Volume II - by Bo Hi Pak - Chapter 60 Give and Take of Love - New York, New York - January 2, 1996 ]

The UPF leaders from North and South America met in Washington D.C. in April/May of 2008 and were entertained by Moon’s Washington Times. The UPF has an office in the Washington Times Building. The UPF VIP’s then traveled to the senior Bush’s library in Texas where both Bush and Brent Scowcroft gave those in attendance words of encouragement. In his keynote address Bush said he had a good meeting with Moon and then saluted his efforts telling the group,

“[…]the work of the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times is so important, and I thank Rev. Moon and salute all of you for coming here to address these urgent issues.”

Link to photos of the event and more can be found here.

James Whelan, the first editor of the Washington Times who quit the paper saying he had “blood on his hands” for helping Moon gain credibility said this during an NBC Nightly News broadcast in August of 1990:

People are cooperating willy nilly throwing their money at them, throwing their reputations, their prestige, their honor even, at the moonie cause and choosing not to look. See no evil, hear no evil…. [James Whelan - NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw 1990]

This continues today on a large scale.

The Catholic Church doesn’t always appear to speak with one voice when it comes to Moon. Cardinal Dom Cláudio Hummes met with UPF representatives in Sao Paulo in 2006. The Church excommunicated Bishop Milingo when he persisted in consecrating Bishops and priests while under Moon’s wing as he remains today. Bishop Estrada attended the UPF Summit in Washington D.C. which helped Moon with his messianic conquest. However, it is refreshing to see that the Catholic Church and other “religious sectors” - at least in these island nations - are standing up and forcefully saying no, something many politicians and religious figures in the USA have failed to do for decades.

(update: The Pacific Asia Evangelistic Association has added its voice to the chorus calling for a boycott of Moon events. [Link])

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